Certification Process

If a potential system user wants to be certified, they go through the following process: 

Selection of a Certification Body

The system user selects a certification body recognized under HORTICERT to carry out the certification. The system user and the certification body conclude a contract on the conduction of the certification.  


The system user registers with HORTICERT.


An auditor of the certification body verifies the conformity of the system user with the HORTICERT requirements. The auditor must be independent of the company to be audited and the certification system as well as free of conflicts of interest. Also, the auditor must have the appropriate professional competences.


Provided that the auditor has verified conformity with the HORTICERT requirements, the certification body issues the HORTICERT certificate to the system user.  

Approval by HORTICERT

HORTICERT checks the audit documents. In case of document gaps or errors, HORTICERT contacts the certification body. If the documents are correct and complete, the certificates are published on the HORTICERT website.