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HORTICERT at a Glance


The HORTICERT flyer represents a summary of our website. It contains general information about the certification system, our mission and vision. It also provides showcases reasons to replace peat and how reducing peat can contribute to climate protection. Finally, potential system users, the certification process as well as the project background are briefly described.

Factsheets – Peat Substitutes

Coconut-based Peat Substitutes

Coconut-based peat substitutes (e.g., coir pith, fibers and chips) are playing an increasing role in the substrate industry. However, as these products are typically imported into Europe, there are often concerns about their sustainability: Can coconut-based substrate constituents really serve as a sustainable alternative to peat? During the pilot phase, HORTICERT visited several coir producers, conducted greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations and country-specific risk analyses – the results show: Yes, HORTICERT certified coconut-based peat substitutes are a sustainable alternative to peat. You can read more on this topic here: