Logos & Claims

HORTICERT-certified products are identified by the following logo: 

This logo confirms that a product meets HORTICERT’s requirements for sustainability, supply chain traceability and CO2 footprint calculation. In combination with a respective claim, the logo can be placed on product packaging or delivery documents.


A substrate mix needs to incorporate at least 25% HORTICERT-certified components to display the HORTICERT logo and the corresponding claims. As HORTICERT exclusively certifies peat substitutes but  no peat, only 100% peat-free substrates can obtain a 100% HORTICERT certification.

In addition, potting soils for the hobby sector may not contain more than 30% peat, while professional substrates are limited to a maximum of 70% peat. Depending on political objectives and market developments, the maximum peat content may be further reduced in the future. 


  • The claim “Certified Substrates” can be complemented on product packaging by the percentage of HORTICERT-certified raw materials in the final substrate or potting soil.
  • In an additional claim, it is possible to indicate the greenhouse gas savings of the product in comparison with a peat-based reference product.
  • Alongside the logo, a QR code can be placed on the product packaging. By scanning the QR code, end consumers can obtain further information on the product, for example on the origin and properties of the raw materials or the methodology for calculating the greenhouse gas emissions.